Dangerous Scrap

We will not accept:

  • All Gas Bottles and Sealed Units
  • BBQ Bottles and LPG Tanks
  • Air Compressors or Pressure Vessels
  • Acetylene/Oxy Bottles
  • Paint Drums 
  • Oil filters 

What scrap metal do we buy?

We do not accecpt

Car and Machinery 

Our experienced drivers pickup car bodies and machinery daily with our tow and crane trucks

What We Do

Bin service

We provide bins of all sizes to our customers to recycle their scrap metal.

Call us today to discuss your recycling needs. 

​03 50324980

farm clean ups 

We have a large fleet of trucks and excavators ready to clean up your scrap metal. 


Rubbish Items

We will not accept:

  • Tyres and Rubber
  • Timber and Concrete
  • Plastic and liquids
  • Mattress Spring Bases
  • Oils/Paints/Chemicals
  • Abestors or Insulation Materials 

We aim to offer a comprehensive, no-fuss service where we will weigh and pay, then let you get on your way. We do all the sorting and processing.
We regularly receive many items and products at our facility. We pay great prices for:

Ferrous Metal

  • Motors and engines
  • Car bodies
  • Steel beams
  • Plate
  • All machinery
  • Roofing iron & fridges
  • Engineering offcuts 


  • Aluminium – Clean sheet, cast, cans, radiators
  • Brass – plumber’s brass
  • Copper – wire, pipe, tanks, radiators
  • Lead sheet and batteries
  • Stainless Steel
  • Electric Motors